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June(4-6) 2020

Validation of Inductive cum Targeted Yield Model based Fertiliser Prescription Equations for Pearl millet (var. CO 10) on Inceptisol


                                The present investigation was undertaken to validate the Inductive cumTargeted yield model based Fertiliser Prescription Equations (FPEs)developed under Soil Test Crop Response based Integrated Plant NutritionSystem (STCR-IPNS) for desired yield target of pearl millet (var CO 10) ona mixed black calcareous soil (Periyanaickenpalayam soil series - VerticUstropept). The field experiment was conducted during Kharif 2019 at TNAUFarm, Coimbatore, and was laid out in a randomized block design with tentreatments that were replicated thrice. The results emanated from the fieldexperiment brought forth the fact that the various growth and yield attributesof pearl millet were significantly influenced by STCR treatments as comparedto blanket treatments. There was a +10% variation in achievement of yieldtargets proving the validity of the fertiliser prescription equations developedfor desired yield target of pearl millet (var CO 10) on a mixed black calcareoussoil. Using the data on grain yield and quantity of nutrients applied, thevarious parameters viz., per cent achievement, response ratio and benefit:cost ratio were computed. Among the treatments, STCR-IPNS-3.5 t ha-1has demonstrated its supremacy by registering higher grain yield of 3455kg ha-1 with a relatively higher response ratio of 12.57 kg kg-1 and BCR of1.94. STCR - IPNS-3.5 t ha-1 has recorded a yield increase of 43.1, 21.2 and74.6 per cent over blanket (100% RDF), blanket plus FYM 12.5 t ha-1,andfarmer’s practice respectively and the increase in response ratio was 4.28,1.18 and 5.27 kg kg-1 respectively. Therefore, for achieving higher grainyield, nutrient uptake, response ratio, and BCR in pearl millet (var CO 10)on a mixed black calcareous soil (Periyanaickenpalayam soil series - VerticUstropept), STCR-IPNS based fertiliser prescriptions can be followed.

Key words : Mixed black calcareous soil; Pearl millet; Targeted yield model; Fertilizer prescription equations; STCR-IPNS


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