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September(7-9) 2020

Motivating Factors for Women to Become Agripreneurs


                                Women entrepreneurship has tremendous potential in accelerating theeconomic growth of our nation. Not only for economic growth but also forsocial upliftment and women empowerment, women entrepreneurshipbecomes inevitable. To increase the proportion of women entrepreneurs,they need to be motivated. This paper highlights the motivating factors forwomen agripreneurs. The study was carried out in Namakkal district ofTamil Nadu during December 2019. The top five agro-based industries oftwo taluks, namely Namakkal and Paramathi Velur, were selected. All the 60women agripreneurs of these industries in the two taluks were selected asrespondents. The secondary data were collected from the District IndustriesCentre (DIC), and the primary data were collected through a structuredpre-tested interview schedule. Using the Henry Garret ranking technique,the motivational factors were ranked. The study results revealed thatfamily support was the prime and most vitalmotivating factor for womenentrepreneurs for their successful entrepreneurial behavior.

Key words : Women entrepreneurs; Agripreneurs; Motivational factors; Women development; Motivation


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