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September(7-9) 2020

Education Management Information System - Three-Tier Web Application Prototype for Education Workflow


                                Agriculture education in India is unique with a flexible course credit system.The workflow behind this unique education system needs customizededucation management information software for educational planningand management with a reduced process time in education workflow. Thispaper put forth a prototype of the Education Management InformationSystem (EMIS) developed for Forest College and Research Institute (FCRI),Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Mettupalayam. Three-tier architectureis used for FCRI-EMIS to be an effective distributed client/server system.The development is carried out in an open-source development platform.FCRI-EMIS is developed with four modules namely: College ManagementInformation System, Degree Management Information System, SyllabusManagement Information System and Student Management InformationSystem to access, generate a report and analyze the identified entities. Thedeveloped prototype is executed and found an effective tool for decisionmaking towards education planning and management

Key words : Agriculture education; Education workflow; Educational planning and management; Three-tier architecture; Decision making


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