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September(7-9) 2023

Mapping Spatial Variability of Soil Physico-Chemical Properties and Available Nutrient Status and Assessment of Irrigation Water Quality of ICAR-KVK Farm, Pongalur


                                The study was conducted at the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry to collect geo-referenced soil and water samples, analyze their soil physico-chemical properties, and quality parameters, and prepare thematic maps to suggest suitable management practices.The soils were slightly calcareous and non-saline. The available N, P and K status were low, medium and high respectively, with low to moderate OC content. The available Ca, Mg and S status of the soil were high and medium to high, respectively. The DTPA-Zn values and DTPA-Fe values were deficient DTPA Cu and DTPA-Mn values were sufficient in the farm soils. The HWS boron values were sufficient. The water samples of the farm had neutral to slightly above neutral pH, and the EC of the water sample ranges from 0.63 to 4.08 dS m-1. The chloride content of the water sample ranged from 2.00 to 22.80 meq L-1. There was no CO32- and SO42- contents observed in water. SAR value of samples lies between 1.51 and 4.19 and the adjusted SAR value varies from 2.87 to 10.48 indicating good quality of water samples

Key words : ICAR-KVK; Pongalur, Soil, Physic-Chemical Properties, Nutrients, Water Quality


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