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September(7-9) 2023

Study of Physicochemical, Cooking and Nutritional Properties of Selected Traditional Rice Varieties of Tamil Nadu


                                The study has been undertaken to investigate the physico-chemical, cooking and nutritional qualities of selected traditional rice varieties of Tamil Nadu. Significant variations (p<0.05) were observed among the twelve traditional rice varieties for all the characters except hulling percentage. Among the varieties, the highest hulling out-turn was found in Poonkar (90.0 %) and the lowest was found in Anaikomban (84.0 %). The milling out-turn was ranged from 74.0 % to 80.0 %. Head Rice Recovery (HRR) varied from 50.0 % to 75.0 %. The kernel length was highest in Kullakar (6.3 mm) and lowest (4.2 mm) in Milagu samba and Thulasi vasa samba. Kernel breadth was ranged between 1.4 – 2.5 mm. Based on length/breadth ratio, the variety Thanga samba obtained slender grain type whereas all other varieties obtained medium grain type. The Kernel length after cooking ranged from 6.5 mm (Thulasi vasa samba) to 9.8 mm (Poonkar). The volume expansion ratio ranged from 4.6 in Sorna masuri to 3.7 in Poonkar and Kullakar. Gel consistency ranged from 46.0 - 135.0 mm. The Gelatinization Temperature (GT) was determined based on alkali spreading value and the rice varieties Milagu samba, Kuzhiadichan and Thulasi vasa samba have obtained intermediate GT values whereas other varieties evaluated showed high to intermediate GT. Intermediate amylose content is considered to be the best from the cooking point of view. Varieties Anaikomban (20.1 %), Garudan samba (20.4 %), Poonkar (20.7 %) and Sorna masuri (23.2 %) were identified with intermediate amylose content. Highest protein (10.40 %), iron (15.8 mg kg-1) and zinc (20.5 mg kg-1) content were recorded in the varieties Poonkar, Thuaiya malli samba and Kullakar respectively, making them nutritionally superior among the tested varieties. There is a growing global demand for rice varieties with good quality characteristics. This study provides immense information on varieties with superior physico-chemical, cooking and nutritional characteristics which could be used to meet those demands

Key words : Rice; Traditional varieties; Physicochemical; Cooking; Nutritional properties


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