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December(10-12) 2022

Performance of Garlic Genotypes Under Polyhouse and Open Field Conditions of Kodaikanal Hills


                                An experiment was conducted at Horticultural Research Station, Kodaikanal to find out the suitable variety or genotype for cultivation under protected structure. The treatment consists of 7 garlic genotypes collected from different institutions and local types viz., Ooty 1 Garlic , Agrifound Parvathi, Yamuna Safed-4, Yamuna Safed-5, KKL-1 (Poombarai local (Pink), KKL-2 (Kodaikanal local (White), KKL-3 (Kodaikanal local (Single bulb). The variety Yamuna Safed-4 registered the highest yield both under open field (11.21 t ha-1) and polyhouse condition (11.04 t ha-1). The TSS content was 37.33° Brix under open field conditions and 35.21° Brix under polyhouse condition. During 90 days of storage the physiological loss in weight was 38.80per cent and 37.42 per cent respectively in open field and polyhouse condition. Hence it is concluded that Yamuna Safed-4 can be cultivated both under open field and polyhouse condition of Kodaikanal with higher yield and quality.

Key words : Garlic: polyhouse; TSS: dry matter;Physiological loss in weight; yield


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