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March(1-3) 2022

An Impact of Drip Irrigated Chili Cultivation at Khammam


                                Considering contemporary conditions such as global warming and groundwater depletion, making sustainable use of available resources is critical. Water conservation solutions such as drip irrigation reduce water exploitation and boost irrigation efficiency. The Thirumalayapalem block of Khammam district in Telangana state was chosen for research. Three villages were purposively chosen for investigation in a designated block, all of which used drip irrigation. A set of ten people was chosen at random from each village. As a result, the sample for the study consisted of 30 farmers who used drip irrigation. The primary data was gathered using a pre-tested and well-structured questionnaire. The influence of drip irrigation increased yield by 61 percent over the previous year without drip irrigation. The average number of irrigation days increased to 40.3 days from 25.1 days due to the impact of drip irrigation, it boosted the yield approximately to 61 percent. The difference in labour use efficiency before and after drip irrigation was 47.96. The overall efficiency of input-expenditure was 64%. The reduced power consumption of drip irrigation was just 11.57 kW, contrasted to 33.76 kW before its adoption. During the adoption of technology, total Income climbed by 50 per cent.

Key words : Drip irrigation; Chili; Income; Yield; Efficiency; Khammam; Impact


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