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June(4-6) 2020

Optimization of Process Parameters for Higher Recovery of Fuel Oil from Mixed Plastic Wastes


                                Pyrolysis is an efficient method to convert plastic waste to fuel oil, pyrolyticgas, and solid residue. The yield of these products may vary with feedstocktypes and reaction conditions. The mixed plastic waste HDPE, LDPE and PPwas selected and characterized for fuel oil synthesis. The moisture contentand bulk density of mixed plastic wastes were found as 0.18 % and 38 %,Kgm-3 respectively. Three reaction temperatures (400, 450, and 500°C)were used in a pyrolytic reactor for optimizing the pyrolysis process. Resultsshowed that the reaction temperature has a significant influence on fuel oilyield. The optimal reaction temperature for maximum fuel oil yield (84.7%)from mixed plastic wastes was found at 500°C in the reactor. The fuelproperties of fuel oil produced from plastics wastes are comparable withpetrol and diesel fuels.

Key words : Pyrolysis; plastic waste; fuel oil


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