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March(1-3) 2022

Soil Properties and Zinc Bio Availability as Affected by Zinc Sources, Organics and Microbial Inoculant in a Sandy Clay Loam Soil


                                The study aimed to evaluate the efficiency of different sources of Zinc and organic manures with and without microbial inoculants on the bioavailability of Zinc in soil. Four different zinc sources namely ZnSO4, ZnPO4, ZnO, and Zn-EDTA, and two organic manures viz., farm yard manure (FYM) and Vermicompost (VC) were evaluated in the presence and absence of Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria (ZSB). Among the different combinations of the above factors, ZnSO4+FYM+ZSB combination recorded a maximum reduction in pH (6.82) whereas, ZnSO4+Vermicompost+ZSB recorded the highest Electrical Conductivity (EC) (0.4 dSm-1). Regarding DTPA-Zn availability Zn-EDTA recorded the highest concentration in soil both as a sole and combined application with organic and microbes. The dehydrogenase activity was upsurged in organic applied treatments and was less in fertilizer applied treatments. Zinc oxide recorded maximum dissolution efficiency compared to other sources of Zinc.

Key words : Zn Sources; Organics; ZSB; Dissolution; Bioavailability


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