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March(1-3) 2022

Screening of Blackgram Genotypes for Sulphur Utilization Potential in VerticUstropept


                                A microplot study was conducted on a medium black soil to screen improved sulphur (S) utilizers among blackgram genotypes. For this experiment, four different S sources including Gypsum, SSP, FeSO4, and ZnSO4, were applied at four levels (S @ 0, 20, 30, and 40 kg ha-1). With the application of high levels of sulphur (40 kg S ha-1), growthand yield parameters (plant height, root length and the number of pods per plant) of black gram increased significantly. Sulphur application in the form of SSP enhanced root length and number of pods per plant. Application of sulphur as FeSO4 recorded maximum consumption by plants (3.17 kg ha-1) followed by ZnSO4 (2.88kg ha-1). Blackgram genotypes VBN 11, CO 6, and VBN 8 were categorized as efficient S utilizers, while CO 7 and MDU 1 were considered inefficient S utilizers.

Key words : SSP; ZnSO4; Sulphur uptake; Blackgram genotypes


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