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March(1-3) 2022

Enhancing Multinutrients Delivery and Seed Coating with Biodegradable Based Electrospun Nanofibre


                                A field experiment was conducted at ARS, Bhavanisagar, during summer 2021, to investigate the effect of multi-nutrient-loaded electrospun PVA nanofibre on the green gram. The nanofibre developed from polyvinyl alcohol (10%) infused with macro and micronutrients. The nanofibre coated seeds recorded the higher plant height (44.97 cm); crop growth rate (1.5-18.43 g m-2 d-1); leaf area index (0.56-1.84 m2m-2) and leaf area duration (13.29-34.77days). Further, the higher grain yield (854.2 kg ha-1) and haulm yield (1100 kg ha-1) were obtained from the nanofibre-coated seeds. According to the findings of this study, nanofibre technology is a novel idea for the fertilizer sector because it reduces fertilizer use and increases nutrient use efficiency.

Key words : Nanofibre; Multinutrients; Green gram;Electrospun


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