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March(1-3) 2022

Genetic Analysis of Mango (Mangifera indica. L) Genotypes for Year-round Flowering and Yield Characters


                                Mango (Mangifera indica. L) is characterized by a high level of genetic variation in seedling population. Estimation of genetic advance is required for the expected genotypic progress of a particular character. Keeping this in view, genetic advances of year-round flowering mango (Mangifera indica. L) genotypes was carried out during 2019-2021 in farmer’s field at Annur, Coimbatore. High Genotypic Coefficient of Variation (GCV) was found in fruit yield per tree was 30.63 per cent. The low GCV values were found for the traits viz., panicle length (6.61 %), days taken for flowering to fruit set (1.75%), days taken for flowering to fruit maturation (1.76 %), percentage of hermaphrodite flowers (5.38 %), sex ratio (5.18%). Whereas high values of heritability estimates were obtained for the traits viz., fruit yield per tree (99.43 %), number of panicles/tree (98.91 %), number of fruits per tree (97.74 %), panicle per sq.m of canopy (97.40 %). The high heritability along with high genetic advance as per cent of mean was observed for fruit yield per tree (99.43, 62.91), number of panicles/tree (98.91, 46.84), number of fruits per tree (97.74, 43.03), panicle per sq.m of canopy (97.40, 28.64) indicates the possibility of improving these traits by selection since there is a wide range of variation and additive gene action exists for these traits. The traits viz., panicle per sq.m of canopy, panicle length, number of panicles/tree, sex ratio, number of fruits per tree were positively correlated with fruit yield per tree. Hence, the selection for these characters would improve fruit yield in mango.

Key words : Mango; Genetic variability; Heritability; Genetic advance; Correlation


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