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June(4-6) 2020

Establishment Method, Spacing and Pinching Effect on Plant Growth and Seed Yield in Lamb’s Quarters (Chenopodium album L.)


                                Lamb’s quarters (Chenopodium album L.) is a minor leafy vegetable has richof minerals, vitamins, flavonoids etc. in which, the studies on establishmentmethods, spacing and pinching showed significant differences in plantgrowth, flowering habit and seed yield. In this regard, the direct sowing ofseeds had greater effect on plant height (129.2 cm) and seed yield (2092 kgha-1) compared to transplanting of seedlings. Among different spacings, widerspacing (60 x 45 cm) recorded the highest plant height (127.9 cm), morenumber of primary (15) & secondary branches (111), maximum inflorescencelength (23.2) and maximum seed yield plant-1 (32.9 g) compared to otherspacings. However, closer spacing (30 x 15 cm) has recorded maximumseed yield ha-1 (2337 kg) because of more population. Also, pinching on 30days after sowing (DAS) has showed highest number of secondary branches(94.5) and seed yield plant-1 (27.4 g) compared to pinching on 40 DAS andwithout pinching. Nevertheless, these results indicate that the direct sowingwith closer placing (30 x 15 cm) and pinching on 30 DAS were found to bemore suitable for earning higher seed yield in lamb’s quarters.

Key words : Lamb’s quarters; direct sowing; transplanting; spacing; pinching; seed yield


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