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June(4-6) 2020

Seed Germination and Seedling Vigor Improvement by Chenopodium (common lambs quarters) leaf extract and Chenopodium Salt Bladders in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)


                                Chenopodium is a halophyte which absorbs salt from the soil and encrusts inaerial parts particularly in leaves which is known as chenopod salt bladders.Therefore, an experiment was conducted to enhance the seed quality in riceby treating with these bladders. Results showed that significant improvementin seed germination and seedling vigor was recorded in rice. The seedssoaked in Chenopodium leaf extract along with salt bladders @ 0.5 % orsalt bladders alone @ 0.6 % for 16 h at 1:1 (w/v) ratio recorded the highestgermination and seedling vigor. It is analyzed that the Chenopodium leafextract and its salt bladders contains more amount of minerals particularlyphosphorous (0.50%, 0.15%), potassium (0.83%, 1.11%) nitrogen (2.52%,2.21%), calcium (16.00 ppm, 22.40 ppm), magnesium (190.56 ppm,193.40 ppm), sodium (4.14 mg 100 g-1, 6.57 mg 100 g-1), chloride (0.14mol.L-1, 0.17 mol.L-1), total phenol (5.00 mg g-1, 16.12 mg g-1 ) and poly phenoloxidase (0.20 ΔA g-1min-1, 0.10 ΔA g-1min-1), respectively which favoured theenhancement of seed quality in rice.

Key words : Rice; Chenopodium leaf extract; chenopod salt bladders; seed germination; seedling vigor


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