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June(4-6) 2020

Genetic Diversity Analysis in Barnyard Millet Germplasm (Echinochloa frumentacea L.)


                                A study was conducted to evaluate the genetic diversity studies amongfifty-three genotypes of Barnyard millet in Randomized Block Design withtwo replications. Diversity analysis for qualitative traits by Dice SimilarityCo-efficient and UPGMA method grouped the genotypes into eight clustersindicating the presence of enough diversity among the genotypes. Theclustering of the genotypes based on the quantitative characters was doneby using the D2 method. Out of 12 clusters formed, the maximum inter-clusterdistance was found between cluster V and cluster VIII, indicating high diversitybetween the genotypes present in these two clusters. Cluster VIII includedthe genotypes, which showed significantly higher mean for grain yield andmaximum value for many of the yield contributing traits and grain yield/plant. The clustering pattern also indicated that the genotypes are groupedirrespective of their geographical origin.

Key words : Barnyard millet; Genetic diversity ; Metroglyph analysis


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