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Special 2020

Sustainable Utilization of Tropical Plant Biomass for Bioproducts, Biocatalysts and Biorefienry


                                Burgeoning population, fastest depletion of fossil fuel resources, alarming global climate change issues are the top most challenge to be addressed for a country to prosperous in energy, environmental and economic security. Greatest attention has been paid on renewable biomass for generation of alternative fuels, bio products and fine chemicals in a sustainable manner. It has been estimated that, every year photosynthesis alone accounts for conversion of 100 billion metric tons of CO2 and H2O to cellulose and other biomass products. Hence biomass driven industry is one of the fastest growing sector, their share on global economy is increasing about 5-20%. The total world annual biomass production is estimated at 2740 quadrillion BTU’s. At present, only about 7% of the annual production of biomass is used.

Key words : Plant Biomass


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