Impact of Plant Density and Nutrient Management practices on Yield and Economics of Rainfed Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)


                                Field experiment was conducted on black soil farm, Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti. Sesame variety SVPR 1 was sown during rabi season (October 2017 – January 2018) to find out suitable plant density, levels of fertilizers and foliar spray of mepiquat chloride at 30 DAS, MnSO4 and DAP at flower initiation and capsule formation stage to maximize the yield and economics. Results revealed that, closer plant spacing of 30 × 20 cm coupled with 125 per cent RDF + foliar spray of 125 ppm mepiquat chloride at 30 DAS + 0.5 % MnSO4 & 2 % DAP at FIS & CF significantly improved the yield and economics. Significantly higher seed and stalk yield and also higher gross & net return, B: C ratio proved more remunerative over recommended practice of 30 × 30 cm spacing + 100 % RDF alone.

Key words : Sesame, Foliar nutrition, Seed yield, Stalk yield and economics

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