Physiological Response of Rice Genotypes to Different Nitrogen Levels


                                An experiment was conducted to study the rice genotypes for nitrogen use efficiency at the Department of Crop Physiology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore during Kharif, 2017. Forty rice genotypes were used for this study with two nitrogen levels viz., 50% Recommended Dose of Nitrogen (RDN) and 100% RDN and the experiment was laid out in Factorial Randomized Block Design with two replications. The rice genotypes were subjected to 100% RDN and 50% RDN and various morpho-physiological, biochemical and yield traits were observed. Among the genotypes, IRGC 6386-1 showed higher photosynthetic rate at 100% RDN and 50% RDN followed by WAS 169. Similarly, higher grain yield per plant was noticed in IRGC 6386-1 at 100% RDN (60.22 g) and 50% RDN (58.41 g). From the results, it is evident that the increased amount of nitrogen could enhance the growth dynamics and yield attributes of rice genotypes. However, the present study demonstrated that certain genotypes had performed better even at 50% RDN in terms of growth characters and yield attributes.

Key words : Rice, Nitrogen levels, RDN, Nitrogen efficient genotypes

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