Influence of Silicon on Physiology and Yield of Rice under Drought Stress


                                A field experiment was conducted during kharif season of 2017 at the Department of Rice, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, to study the effect of drought on physiology and yield of rice genotypes and to assess the effect of silicon on physiology and yield of rice under drought stress. Seven genotypes of rice were used in study and they were imposed with various treatments viz., control, drought at flowering stage and foliar spray of silicon [Silixol (0.6 %); orthosilicic acid] during drought. Among the various genotypes used for the study, CB13804 recorded the highest total dry matter production (TDMP) and specific leaf weight(SLW) in drought and foliar spray of silicon under drought. Concerning the yield parameters, the higher number of productive tillers was recorded in CB13805 under drought and foliar spray of silicon under drought. The highest grain yield under drought was recorded in CB13804. Based on the various parameters recorded, it has been found that the genotypes CB13804 and Sahbhagi Dhan are promising drought tolerant with minimum reduction in yield and hence can be suggested for drought prone areas, whose yield potential can be increased by the foliar spray of silicon under drought at the flowering stage.

Key words : Rice, Reproductive stage drought, Silicon, Foliar spray, Silixol

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