Influence of Soil Application of Zinc Sulphate along with Foliar Spray on Growth and Yield of Rice in Sodic Soil under Different Amendments


                                Field experiment was conducted in sodic soil using rice (CO 52) as a test crop with various amendments viz., gypsum+ green manure, green leaf manure and press mud as main-plot treatments and different levels of zinc sulphate viz., 50, 100 and 150 percent of recommended dose as basal with and without foliar spray of ZnSO4@ 0.5 per cent at panicle initiation (PI) and heading stage as sub-plot treatments. The amendments application significantly reduced the pH, ESP and slight increase in the EC of the post harvest soil. The growth and yield parameters also showed a significant response on reclamation and ZnSO4 application. The DTPA -Zn content of soil and Zn uptake of plant at various stages were significantly enhanced due to soil reclamation and ZnSO4 application. Application of gypsum + GM or GLM or press mud can be effectively used as an amendment for the reclamation of sodic soil. However, the gypsum +GM exhibited its superiority over others. Hence, it is recommended that reclamation of sodic soil with gypsum @ 50 % GR + green manure @ 6.25 t ha-1 and ZnSO4 application @ 100 % recommended dose (25 kg ha-1) along with foliar spray of 0.5 % ZnSO4 at panicle initiation and heading stages found to be the best for getting higher yield of rice in sodic soils. ZnSO4 application @ 150 % recommended dose (37.5 kg ha-1) along with foliar spray of ZnSO4 @ 0.5 % at panicle initiation and heading stages is recommended for unreclaimed sodic soils.

Key words : Gypsum +GM, GLM, Press mud, Sodic soil, Rice crop, Zinc sulphate.

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