Studies on Screening of Sorghum Varieties for Popping


                                The aim of the study was to screen the sorghum varieties (TNAU released sorghum varieties viz., K 12, CO 30 and local variety) for popping. The physico - chemical characteristics of the raw and popped sorghum varieties were analysed. To optimize the pretreatment for the preparation of popped sorghum different soaking solutions were selected and studied their effect on popping. The sorghum grains were popped by using continuous popping machine at a temperature of 230 °C for 2.5 min. The popping characteristics were analysed for sorghum varieties pretreated with different soaking solutions. From the physico - chemical and popping characteristics, it was concluded that the K 12 variety showed the maximum values.

Key words : Sorghum, Physico - chemical characteristics, Soaking, Popping.

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