Effect of Restricted Umbel Production on Seed Yield and Seed Quality in Onion cv. CO (On) 5 (Allium cepa L.)


                                Field experiment conducted in onion cv. CO (On) 5 to study the effect of manual restriction of umbel orders as two, four, six and eight umbels plant-1 revealed that the yield contributing characters viz., umbel diameter (6.6 cm), number of capsules (166.4), seed set per cent (85.3 %) and seed yield umbel-1 (1.97 g) were maximum for the plant with two umbels and these were reduced when the number of umbel orders increased. The quantitative and qualitative characters were found to be optimum upto sixth order umbel and beyond that the reduction in both parameters were observed. Hence the maximum of six umbels plant-1 could be maintained in onion cv. CO (On) 5 to get maximum quantity of quality seeds.

Key words : Onion, Umbel orders, Seed yield, Seed quality

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