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Characteristics of Sago Processing Wastewater Effluents released from different Sago Factories in Salem and Namakkal District of Tami Nadu, India


                                A study was undertaken to determine the physico-chemical characteristicsof sago wastewater (SWW) from various sago industries in Salem andNamakkal districts of India. Besides, different SWW (raw wastewater,aerobic wastewater, treated wastewater and starch wastewater) from withinthe industry were evaluated. The results concluded that effluents from thisregion are whitish and greyish brown in color with majority supra-colloidalor settable suspended solids with high TS, TSS, and TDS. The ammoniacal,nitrate, and nitrite nitrogen ranged from 2.7 to 6.5, 4.5 to 19.1, and 0.4to 2.8 mg.L-1. The total nitrogen content of SWW samples was ranged from180- 650 mg.L-1. The phosphate level of SWW was very high (640-1096 mg.L-1). The COD and BOD content of SWW from all the industries ranged from2560 to 3200 mg.L-1 and 34000 to 76000 mg.L-1 indicates its high organicnature. SWW effluents are acidic in nature (pH 4.3-5.2). The free cyanide(CN) content was ranged from 1.2 to 5.2 mg.L-1. The treated wastewater hadneutral pH (pH - 6.2), and had a reduced level of EC, starch content, TSS,COD and BOD.

Key words : Sago wastewater; Organic load; Treatment; Characteristics; Pollutants

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