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Effect of Different Weed Management Practices on Growth and Yield of Rainfed Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) under Vertisol


                                A field experiment was carried out at Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti,Tamil Nadu Agricultural University during Purattasipattam (October 2017 toJanuary 2018) to study the effect of different weed management practicesin rainfed sesame. The experiment was laidout in randomized block designwith three replications having ten different weed management treatmentsin rainfed sesame variety SVPR 1 under vertisol. Application of Alachlor @1.5 kg a.i. ha-1 as pre emergence fb Quizalofop ethyl @ 50 g a.i. ha-1 on25 DAS as early post emergence recorded significantly lesser weed indexand higher weed control efficiency and inturn significantly produced higherplant height, dry matter production, seed yield (550 kg ha-1) and stalk yield(2432 kg ha-1). It was followed by the application of Pendimethalin @ 1.0 kga.i. ha-1 as pre emergence fb Quizalofop ethyl @ 50 g a.i. ha-1 on 25 DAS asearly post emergence.

Key words : Weed management, Plant height, Dry matter Production, Yield, Rainfed Sesame

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