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History of MAJ


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Madras Agricultural Students Union (MASU) started in the year 1911 was registered as a Society during 1923 (Registration No.1/1923 -24). The first President of MASU was Mr. Cecil Wood, the first Vice-President was Mr. De Silva and the first Secretary and Editor MAJ was Mr. Ramaswamy Sivan.

Several distinguished agriculture research scientists from Southern India, including Dr.M.S.Swaminathan, have served as members and officials in MASU. The Society has been functioning without a break from its inception. Presently (2011), MASU has 603 life and annual members from various parts of the country besides 4500 student members.

MASU has been publishing a reputed journal, “The Madras Agricultural Journal” (MAJ) since 1913 and it is one of the longest serving journals in India for the students and research community in agriculture and allied sectors. The 98th Volume of MAJ (2011) has been published and journals from 1995 to 2011 are also accessible vide

The journal is subscribed by many National Institutes/Organizations and is abstracted in Commonwealth Abstracts (CAB), Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents (Internationally reputed abstracting journal) and major annual reviews of scientific publications for the past five decades. Presently, the MAJ has joined the “Directory of Open Access Journal”, Lund, Germany. Besides, research articles in MAJ are widely cited in research studies.

Annually MASU selects best teachers, researchers and extension experts in agriculture and recognizes their scholarship through distinguished awards and medals, some of them established as early as 1913. MASU conducts competitions, “ENTHUSIA” among graduate and post graduate scholars on essay writing and elocution in key areas of agricultural development and awards prizes.


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