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Hydrogenotrophic activity of strain RWL1 similar to Methanothrix soehngenii


                                Methanogens are strictly anaerobic organisms that produce methane. Based on the nature of substrate utilization, they are classified into acetoclastic, hydrogenotrophic and methylotrophic methanogens. Methanothrix soehngenii is a methanogen believed to be acetoclastic. A strain RWL1, similar to M. soehngenii with hydrogenotrophic activity has been isolated, characterized and identified by 16S rRNA sequencing. The strain RWL1 utilizes H2+CO2 (4:1) and has recorded methane production of 74.82%, thereby opening a new gate for substrate diversity studies. This study reveals the hydrogenotrophic nature of strain RWL1 clustered with M. soehngenii..

Key words : Anaerobe, methanogen, aceticlastic, hydrogenotrophic, substrate.