Validation of Soil Test Crop Response based Fertiliser Prescription Equations under Integrated Plant Nutrition System for Hybrid Brinjal on Inceptisol of Andhra Pradesh


                                Experiments were conducted at two locations in the northern coastal zone of Andhra Pradesh to validate the fertilizer prescription equations developed from Soil Test Crop Response Studies under the Integrated Plant Nutrition System (STCR-IPNS) for hybrid brinjal on Visakhapatnam Soil series (Typic Haplustept) based on inductive cum target yield model. Using the data of fruit yield and fertilizer doses applied, parameters viz..,per cent achievement, response ratio (RR), benefit: cost ratio (BCR) were computed. The results revealed that the target yield has been achieved within ±10 per cent variation proving the validity of the equations. The mean values for validation experiments of two locations showed that the higher fruit yield (59.91 t ha-1), BCR (3.94), ascorbic acid content (17.0 mg 100g-1) and dry matter content of fruit (8.11%) were recorded in STCR-IPNS for a target yield of 60 t ha-1. Though, higher response ratio (93.12 kg kg-1), per cent achievement (103.3) and minimum total phenol (69.0 mg 100 g-1) content were recorded in STCRIPNS- 50 t ha-1, higher BCR of 3.94 was recorded in STCR-IPNS-60 t ha-1, The mean increase in yield due to STCR-IPNS-60 t ha-1 was 41.3 per cent over blanket (100% RDF alone), 13.3 per cent over blanket + FYM @ 25 t ha-1 and 30.7 per cent over farmer’s practice. STCR-IPNS based fertilization resulted in increased yield, efficient fertilizer use, economic returns in invest, quality parameters and sustenance of soil health, The magnitude of built-up was higher with STCR-IPNS treatments as compared to STCR-NPK alone, blanket recommendations, farmer’s practice and absolute control.

Key words : Fertiliser Prescription Equations, STCR-IPNS, Typic Haplustept, hybrid brinjal, validation.