Isolation and screening of soil yeasts for plant growth promoting traits


                                Soil microorganisms are the key player of biochemical and biological processes of the soil and govern the soil health and sustain agricultural production. Yeast is one of the potential plant growth promoting organisms when compared to bacteria and filamentous fungi. In this study, potential plant growth promoting yeast isolates were isolated from garden land soil. All the yeast isolates were screened based on morphological and antibiotic resistance. Several plant growth promoting abilities of the yeast isolates were investigated. The yeast isolates were tested for mineral solubilization of Zinc, phosphate, and potassium (K). Among the isolates, SY7 showed maximum Zn solubilization potential. For P solubilization and K releasing, SY10 yeast isolate showed maximum potential when compared to others. The results revealed that SY2 yeast isolate, produced the maximum amount of indole acetic acid (IAA), Gibberellic acid (GA3). The isolate, SY6 exhibited better siderophore activity and positive for HCN production. Hence, it is concluded that soil yeast may be considered as potential plant growth promoting agents.

Key words : Soil yeast, plant growth promotion, solubilization and antibiotic resistance.

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