Morpho-Physiological Characters Influencing Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.) Yield during Drought at Different Flowering Phases


                                ABSTRACT A pot culture study was conducted in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, to assess the morpho-physiological characters of different groundnut genotypes viz., CO 7, Cogn 4, TMV 7 and TMVGn 13 to water stress at different flowering hases viz., Pre Flowering Drought (PFD) between 15- 30 DAS, Flowering Drought (FD) between 35-50 DAS and Post Flowering Drought (PFD) between 75-90 DAS by withholding irrigation and a control was also maintained with irrigation to field capacity for comparison. Observations on various morphological (Plant height and leaf area) and physiological aspects (Relative water content, SPAD chlorophyll Index and Photosynthetic rate) were studied during stress period and after stress recovery. Among the treatments, higher value of morphological and physiological parameters were observed under PFD after recovery and CO7 performed better followed by TMV 7, TMVGn 13, Cogn 4.

Key words : Groundnut, Morphological parameter, Physiological parameter, Pre-flowering drought, Yield.

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