Characterization of Biochar derived from wood biomass of Prosopis juliflora


                                Prosopis Wood Biochar (PWB) produced through pyrolysis of wood biomass of Prosopis Juliflora was characterized for its physicochemical characteristics, energy properties, surface morphology and functional groups. PWB had a pH of 8.70, EC of 1.49 dS m-1, H/C of 0.11 and O/C ratio of 0.13. The zeta potential of the PWB was - 24.2 mV with microporous surface characteristics (pore size of about 1.32 µm to 2.51µm diameter and length was 1.34 µm to 10.14 µm). PWB had aldehyde as predominant functional groups along with alkyl halides, alkenes and aromatic compounds.

Key words : Pyrolysis, Prosopis Wood Biochar, FT-IR, SEM.

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