Residual Effect of Organic Manures on Growth and Yield of Black Gram in Rice Blackgram Sequence


                                A field experiment was conducted to study the residual effect of organic manures on black gram crop in a rice-blackgram cropping sequence during summer seasons of 2017 and 2018 at Thoppur, Thirupparankundram, Madurai. Twelve treatments comprising various sources of nutrients in a randomized block design with three replication laid out for rice was used to study the residual effect by growing blackgram in sequence and replicated thrice. Basal Incorporation of green manure @ 6.25 t ha-1 along with split application of vermicompost in four equal splits @ 4 t ha-1 as basal, at active tillering, panicle initiation and flowering stages + panchagavya @ 3 per cent per cent as foliar spray twice at active tillering and panicle initiation stages recorded the highest plant height, leaf area, dry matter production and grain yield. Increase in grain yield of 42.8 and 47.7 % was observed respectively during summer 2017 and summer 2018 over absolute control due to the residual effect of incorporation of green manure @ 6.25 t ha-1 + split application of vermicompost @ 4 t ha-1 in four equal splits for rice along with Panchagavya @3 per cent as foliar application during active tillering and panicle initiation stages.

Key words : Organic Manures, Green manure, Rice-blackgram, Residual effect, Yield..

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