Studies on Integrated Nutrient Management Practices on Growth and Yield of Rice under System of Rice Intensification


                                Field experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Station, Thirupathisaram during rabi 2017-18 to study the effect of Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) on rice under System of Rice Intensification. The experiment was laid out in a randomized block design with three replications. Biometrics such as plant height, number of tillers hill -1, dry matter production, number of panicles m-2, number of grains panicle-1, panicle length, grain yield and straw yield were recorded. Integrated Nutrient management significantly influenced the growth and yield of rice. Application of 100% RDF + Poultry manure (3 t ha-1) + 3% Panchakavya foliar spray @ AT, PI & 50% flowering significantly influenced the growth and yield rice under system of rice intensification. The lowest growth parameters, yield characters and yield were recorded under 75% RDF alone. AT- Active Tillering, PI- Panicle Initiation

Key words : Rice, Integrated nutrient management, Poultry manure, FYM, Vermicompost, Yield.

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