Soil fertility status of Agricultural College and Research Institute, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India


                                The study was carried out at Agricultural College and Research Institute, Echangkottai, Thanjavur, a new TNAU research farm having an area of around 123 acres, wherein the cultivable land is divided into 6 main blocks and with further subdivisions. Field wise soil samples were collected and analyzed to assess fertility status. In total, 74 surface (0-15 cm) and sub-surface (15-30 cm) soil samples were collected and analyzed for the parameters viz., Soil reaction, Electrical conductivity OC, CEC, macronutrients, micronutrients. The soil reaction of farm soils ranged from strongly acid i.e (5.5) to very strongly acidic (4.7). The organic carbon content recorded a decreasing trend from the surface to sub-surface. The farm soil is low in available nitrogen, medium to low in available phosphorus and low in available potassium. All the farm soils are sufficient in available zinc, copper, manganese, iron status.

Key words : Soil productivity, Soil fertility status, Available nutrients, Available micronutrients.

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