Value Chain Analysis of Organic Little Millet in Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu


                                Millets are called miracle or wonder crop that supports livelihood of millions of marginal and small farmers. Dharmapuri district ranked first in terms of area under little millet with 7971 hectares and production of 9344 tonnes. Hence for the present study, little millet has been selected for studying the value chain with a total sample size of 50 farmers and four intermediaries and 30 consumers. Price spread and value chain efficiency was estimated. The results revealed that there was only one marketing channel in the study area for organic little millet. Three organic little products were selected such as cookies, flour and rice. The price spread was found to be higher in little millet cookies and lower in little millet rice. Among the three organic millet product’s value chain, organic little millet rice was efficient.

Key words : Minor millet, Organic Little millet, Value chain efficiency, Price spread

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