Effect of Process Temperature on Coconut Shell Biochar Production and its Iodine and Methylene Blue Adsorption


                                Biomass derived biochar materials are in greater need as an effective adsorbent in variety of applications. Coconut shell biochar was produced from slow pyrolysis process at different temperatures (400, 500, 600, 700 and 800ºC) and was characterized for proximate and elemental composition. Biochar with fixed carbon and elemental carbon of 86.38 and 82.14%, respectively was produced achieved at 800ºC. Coconut shell biochar was examined for its adsorption capacity using iodine and methylene blue (MB) adsorption. Maximum iodine adsorption of 550 mg g-1 and MB adsorption of 65.6 mg g-1 were observed for biochar produced achieved at 700ºC and 800ºC, respectively. Results concluded that biochar produced at 700ºC had more microporous and biochar produced at 800ºC had more mesoporous with higher iodine and methylene blue adsorption.

Key words : Biochar, coconut shell, iodine, methylene blue, adsorption

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