Variability in Genotypes of Jamun (Syzygium cumini Skeels) for Morphological and Yield Characters


                                A survey was carried out during 2016-2017 in Pulney, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, India to identify elite genotypes of jamun. Morphological and yield characters of ten selected genotypes were studied. The study revealed that there was a wide variation among the genotypes. Genotype, JAK-68 showed high variability among the genotypes in characters such as tree age (35 years), trunk girth (146.82 cm), trunk height (5.61m), crown diameter (11.96 m), leaf length (16.9 cm), leaf width (8.2 cm) and yield (31.48 kg) followed by genotype, JAK-65. Genotypes, JAK-68 and JAK-65 showed high variation for morphological and yield characters.

Key words : Jamun, variability, morphological, leaf and yield characters.

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