A Study on Source of Information and Satisfaction of the Sample Respondents Towards the FMCG Products


                                The study was conducted in Tamil Nadu to analyze the factors influencing the purchase of FMCG products utilizing 160 sample respondents in the age group of 20 to 40 and it was analyzed using regression and Garrett ranking technique. The ultimate aim of any company is to take the products to the hands of the consumer. For this purpose, proper channel of communication is required. Lifecycle of the produce is being shrinking the customer’s mindset according to the environment, so short term promotions can be used instead of advertisements. The source of information like mass media (62.35) and social media (56.96) had high mean score among the sample respondents. The satisfaction of the consumer was highly influenced by price of the product, brand name, quality and its effective advertisement with mean of 4.42, 4.41, 4.37 and 4.01, respectively.

Key words : Retail communication programme,  FMCG, Regression analysis.

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