Effect of Moisture on Engineering Properties of Pigeon Pea


                                Engineering properties of food grains have an important role in the postharvest equipment design. Some engineering properties of pigeon pea variety CO7 were determined at three different moisture contents via 8%, 10% and 15% w.b. The length, width, thickness, geometric mean diameter and sphericity of pigeon pea increased from 5.37 mm to 6.81 mm, 5.37 mm to 5.96 mm, 4.41 mm to 4.79 mm, 5.34 mm to 5.74 mm and 0.83to 0.87 respectively. The bulk density, true density and porosity decreased linearly from 843.47 kg.m-3 to 782.81 kg.m-3, 1318.32 kg.m-3 to 1189.63 kg.m-3, 0.36 to 0.34 respectively. Variation of thousand grains mass and angle of repose was from 86.86 g to 99.13 g and 21.57o to 26.57o Static coefficient of friction on mild steel, card board and galvanized iron surfaces also increased with moisture content in the range of 0.26 to 0.47.

Key words : Pigeon pea, Moisture content, Engineering properties, Equipment design

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