Screening of Piper Species for Resistance to Quick Wilt caused by Phytophthora capsici under Glasshouse Condition


                               Screening of Piper species resistant to quick wilt was carried out under glasshouse conditions. Piper colubrinum, Piper argyrophyllum, IISR Sakthi and IISR Thevam were used as rootstocks while Panniyur 1 and Karimunda were used as scion and these grafted plants were screened against Phytophthora capsici. Among the rootstocks, Piper colubrinum showed ‘Highly Resistant’ reaction, followed by Piper argyrophyllum which exihibited ‘Resistant’ reaction. The cultivated Piper nigrum varieties IISR Sakthi and IISR Thevam showed ‘Tolerant’ reaction and the scions Panniyur 1 showed ‘Highly Susceptible’ reaction while Karimunda showed ‘Resistant’ reaction. None of the graft combination screened were susceptible to Phytophthora capsici.  Highest graft success was observed in Piper colubrinum.

Key words : Black pepper, Phytophthora capsici, Screening, Piper colubrinum, Grafting.

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