Evaluation of Cassava Genotypes or Salt Tolerance in Nursery


                                The present investigation was carried out during 2017 at Tapioca and Castor Research Station, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Yethapur to evaluate the performance of cassava genotypes under salt stress in nursery period of 30 days. The experiment was initiated with 15 genotypes and three levels of salt treatments viz., 40, 80 and 120 mM NaCl and control also maintained without salt treatment. The results revealed that, cassava genotypes TCMS7 and Me681 performed well under highest salt concentration of 120 mM NaCl and recorded more root length of 7.67 cm and 4.6 cm and root volume of 1.78 cc and 1.67 cc respectively followed by Kungumarose and H226. Also they were maintained more shoot length of 19.5 cm (Me 681) and 11.45 cm (TCMS7) under 120 mM NaCl compared to other genotypes in the nursery period of 30 days. Me 681 and TCMS 7 also recoded minimum reduction in number of root production in salt imposed plants. From this experiment, Me 681, TCMS7, H226, Kungumarose and Sree Athulya were selected for further field level investigation.

Key words : Cassava, Salt stress, Root length, Root volume, Shoot length. .

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