Cluster and Correlation Analysis in Blackgram (Vigna mungo L.)Genotypes under Drought


      In this study, twenty-one blackgram genotypes were screened under drought stress condition and non-stress condition during Jan-2018 at Plant Breeding farm, Annamalai University to study the genetic diversity and correlation. Eleven yield and yield related traits and two physiological traits were recorded for the statistical analysis. In cluster analysis, the genotypes were grouped into four clusters both in stress and non-stress condition. Clusters II and III (7) and cluster IV (8) had highest number of genotypes in stress and non-stress condition respectively. Highest cluster mean for seed yield per plant was recorded in cluster I (0.71 g) under stress situation and cluster II (5.05 g) in non-stress condition. Pearson correlation analysis under stress condition revealed that the characters plant height, number of branches, clusters per plant, pods per plant, pod length and seeds per pod had positive significant association with seed yield per plant while, pod weight, chlorophyll-a, chlorophyll-b and total chlorophyll had significant negative correlation with seed yield per plant. Plant height and seeds per pod recorded significant positive association with seed yield per plant under non-stress condition. .
Key Words: Blackgram, Drought, Yield, Chlorophyll.