Participation of Students in Social Media- An Analysis


      Social media is gaining increasing popularity among colleges students as it is being incorporated into their daily routines. Hence, a study was conducted to assess the social media participation of students. A sample of 60 students of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore campus irrespective of their degree programmes were selected using simple random sampling method. The study revealed that majority of the respondents were involved in more than two social media sites. Whatsapp and Facebook were most commonly accessed by the respondents through smart phones by spending around Rs. 200-300 per month and 2.5 hours of time per day. Majority of the respondents had groups in Whatsapp and Facebook subscribing to entertainment and informational groups. The study emphasized that students must be encouraged to participate in communities that are supportive and educative as they could provide insights into vistas of knowledge to improve the social and professional life.

Key Words: Social media, Participation, Students, Education, Information.

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