Influence of Growing Environment on Growth and Yield Parameters of Coriander under ShadeNet and Open Field Condition


      An experiment was conducted at Horticultural College and Research Institute, Coimbatore, during 2017-18 to study the production potentials of CO (CR) 4 coriander sown under shade net house and open field environmental conditions. Observations on biometric and quality traits were recorded at every month of sowing so as to study the environmental influence on growth and yield of foliage coriander. Among the growing conditions, the plants grown under shade net house exhibited superior performance in terms of growth, yield and good quality on leafy coriander. The days taken for germination was earlier (7.67) in the seeds sown during October under shade net house condition compared to open field condition. The vegetative and yield attributes viz., plant height (29.88 cm), number of leaves (39.56) and yield (5.69 kg/plot) was found to be the highest during the month of October sown seeds followed by September month in green house condition. Whereas, in open condition sowing during the months of March, April and May seeds does not germinated which resulted in crop failure. In this study the yield was almost tripled under shade net house condition, as compared to open field condition.
Key Words: Coriander cultivation, Shade net, Open field, Growth parameters.

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