Influence of Post Harvest Chemical Treatments on Delaying of Petal Senescence with Improvement of longevity in Jasminum nitidum Flower Buds


      Senescence is a highly coordinated complex and genetically programmed natural process that mainly regulated by phytohormones. Factorial completely randomized design with three replications has been followed in this experiment with an objective to study the physiological and biochemical role of anti-senescence treatment on flower senescence of Jasminum nitidum. The harvested jasmine flowers were treated with different anti-senescence chemicals viz., Silver nanoparticle (20ppm), Boric acid (4%), Sucrose (4%), NAA (100 ppm), BA (500 ppm), α-AIB (20μM) and packed in 200 gauge without ventilation then stored in two storage conditions of cold storage and ambient storage. Different physiological and biochemical parameters were recorded at three different stages viz., bud stage, open stage and senescence stage. Among the treatments sucrose (4%) showed positive significant differences in moisture content, membrane stability index, protein content, phenol content and maintained higher shelf life compared to the control.
Key Words: Jasminum nitidum, Senescence, Post harvest physiology, Storage, Shelf life.

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