Studies on Development of Fruit Powder from Muskmelon (Cucumis Melo L.) by Using Spray Drier


                                Muskmelon (cucumis melo l.) besides its value as table fruit may be processed into value added products. Fresh, ripened and fully matured muskmelon fruit was analyzed by its physico - chemical constituents. Muskmelon fruit contained moisture content - 91.08 per cent, β - carotene - 1215μg 100 g-1, vitamin C - 33.32 mg100 g-1 and the total antioxidant activity - 68.36 mg 100g-1. The fruit pulp was taken and the required concentration level (15º brix, 20º brix and 25º brix) of TSS was adjusted by using maltodextrin. The spray driers inlet air temperature (170 ºC, 180 ºC and 190ºC) and the outlet air temperature (100 ºC) and the feed rate (25ml min-1) were set as required. Among the treatments the TSS 25º brix and temperature of 180º C showed maximum drying characteristics and also better retention of nutrients.

Key words : Muskmelon, Physico - chemical characteristics, Spray drying, Fruit powder.

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