Variation in Endosymbionts of Phosphine Resistant and Susceptible Key Stored Grain Insect Pests


                                Stored grain insect pests are one of the major factors for the post harvest grain wastage. Stored grain insect pests posses several primary and secondary endosymbionts. Some of the endosymbionts are involved in the insecticide degrading mechanism that leads to the development of phosphine resistance. In this study, different types of endosymbionts (Arsenophonus, Rickettsia, Wolbachia, Hamiltonella, Fritschea, Cardinium) were recorded in phosphine resistant and susceptible population of Tribolium castaneum, Sitophilus oryzae and Rhyzopertha dominica when analyzed with 16S rRNA gene primer specific selective amplification of respective endosymbionts. Level of variations in the population of endosymbionts was also recorded in phosphine resistance and susceptible populations of all the three stored grain insect pests.

Key words : Tribolium castaneum, Sitophilus oryzae, Rhyzopertha dominica, Endosymbiont variations, 16S rRNA gene primer, Phosphine,

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