Optimization of Plant Geometry and NPK Levels for Seed and Fibre Yield Maximization in Sunnhemp [Crotalaria juncea (L.)] Genotypes


                                A field experiment was conducted during Kharif 2017 to study the response of Sunnhemp varieties (SH 4 and SUIN 053) to two plant geometry (30 x 15 cm and 45 x 15 cm) and three NPK levels (20:40:40, 20:60:60 and 20:80:80 kg N, P2O5, K2O ha-1). The results revealed that the variety SH 4 produced higher seed yield as a result of higher values of growth and yield attributes except the number of secondary branches per plant and basal diameter. However the fibre yield was higher with the variety SUIN 053. Though higher yield attributes were observed under a wider spacing of 45 x 15 cm, the seed and fibre yield were highest with a closer spacing of 30 x15 cm by virtue of higher plant density per unit area. A fertilizer dose of 20:80:80 kg ha-1 produced higher seed yield of 1420 kg ha-1. However the net return and BCR obtained indicated that application of 20:60:60 kg N, P2O5, K2O ha-1 was economical.

Key words : Sunnhemp, Spacing, Seed yield, Fibre production

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