Understanding the Value of Tank Ecosystem A Case Study of Tank in Singanallur, Noyyal Basin


                                Wetlands, in particular tank ecosystem, produce numerous benefits that are valued by the stakeholders. Despite the importance, the services are being used as free and infinite as most of them are non-marketed and are undervalued. There prevails increasing interest for concepts of ecosystem services and valuation of such services in recent years. This makes the policy makers to consider all the aspects and work on policies so as to enhance the optimal usage of services and conservation of ecosystem. The purpose of this study is to elucidate the value of Singanallur tank in Noyyal basin, providing provisioning and recreational services by employing valuation methods like market price method, contingent valuation and individual travel cost method and each attributes of the tanks are quantified in monetary terms. The total value of Singanallur tank is Rs. 7.2 million per year.

Key words : Ecosystem services, Tank ecosystem, Valuation.