Performance of Different Crops under Hydroponics Fodder Production System


                                The experiment was conducted at New area Farm, Department of Forage crops, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, to evaluate the suitability of different crops for hydroponic fodder production. The crops includes fodder maize, grain maize, fodder bajra, grain bajra, barley, wheat, oat, fodder cowpea, grain cowpea, horse gram, soybean and lucerne. Among the different crops evaluated, fodder maize, grain maize, grain cowpea and horse gram were found to be suitable for hydroponics fodder production and recorded higher shoot length, root length, green fodder yield, dry matter yield, crude fibre content, and crude fibre yield. These crops were followed by fodder cowpea.

Key words : Hydroponics, Shoot length, Root length, Green fodder, Dry matter, Crude fibre.

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