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A Study on Knowledge Level of Sugarcane Growers in Zero Budget Natural Farming Practices


                                A study was conducted in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh covering twoblocks with 128 selected sample respondents with the primary objective tofind out the knowledge level of sugarcane growers in Zero Budget NaturalFarming practices. Zero Budget Natural Farming is a recent approach widelybeing followed in Andhra Pradesh among major crops like paddy, groundnut,sugarcane, and vegetable crops. Sugarcane is a major commercial crop inwhich maximum farmers were enrolled under this’ programme. The studyrevealed that a vast of the respondents were found to possess mediumlevel of knowledge followed by low and high levels of knowledge on therecommended Zero Budget Natural Farming practices in sugarcane.

Key words : Knowledge, sugarcane, farmers, zero budget natural farming


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